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Delicious Blueberry Muffins Ready To Eat
Cakes, Kid Friendly

Blueberry Muffins


  Soft, delicious, mouthwatering, easy and quick to make blueberry muffins. These super moist cupcakes are a delight for the kids. Super simple, using some basic ingredients and a couple of mixing bowls is a great breakfast recipe. Morning breakfast with some nice warm muffins topped with some sugar or […]

Scrambled eggs Akuri recipe

Scrambled Eggs Akuri

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  This scrambled eggs recipe is called Akuri is Parsi style scrambled eggs recipe and is by far one of the best and the most unique way to prepare eggs. Its healthy, delicious, tasty and a soulful meal which can be enjoyed by the entire family. The recipe is an […]

Best whole wheat ravioli recipe

Homemade Ravioli


  This Homemade Ravioli is a healthy, quick, easy and delicious recipe made with whole wheat, stuffed with mushrooms and a splash of cheese. Poured over with a mouthwatering sauce. This ravioli recipe will definitely be on your week’s menu. Try this mushroom stuffed whole wheat homemade ravioli for a […]

best peanut butter cookies recipe
Cookies, Desserts, Kid Friendly

Peanut Butter Cookies


  Packed with rich flavour, these very peanut butter cookies are one of the best. Amazing texture, great taste, made with readily available ingredients, this quick, easy and straightforward peanut butter cookies recipe is something you would always be proud of. Just mix together the dry ingredients, peanut butter, eggs, […]

Chocolate Chip Icecream Homemade Recipe

Chocolate Chip Icecream


  Super easy, homemade, eggless, heavenly chocolate icecream, added with some chocolate chips so tempting and delicious that it is better than any store bought chocolate ice cream. No ice cream maker needed. Once made at home you would never want to buy one from any ice cream store. It’s […]

Classic basil pesto Recipe

Pesto with Basil


  Simple classic basil pesto recipe with fresh basil, walnuts or pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. This is a super easy 10 minute recipe. Basil is an amazing aromatic herb which enhances the flavor of food so much. it is a very rich […]

Home Made Hari Chutney Recipe

Green Sauce (Cilantro Sauce)


  Green sauce, coriander sauce, coriander chutney, cilantro sauce is made with fresh coriander, ginger, rock salt, green chilly, cumin crushed together making it a perfect sauce or dip to be served with appetizers. Tasty, easy and quick 10 minute recipe. In India, we call it hari chutney as hari […]

Homemade multiseed wholewheat bread

Multiseed Whole Wheat Bread


  Soft, tasty, nutritional multiseed whole wheat bread. No eggs used. This is a super easy recipe, and you will be amazed to see how easy it is to prepare breads at home. Ever wondered to cook your own bread at home? Here you have an amazing recipe to cook […]

Sweet potato fries
Kid Friendly, Appetizers

Sweet Potato Fries


  Healthy, tasty, crispy, quick and easy to make these sweet potato fries will be one of your favorite. Season them well and they will pretty much disappear in no time. Fries find their way to all age groups. In my house, my kid who is 2 years old to […]

Marble cookies
Cookies, Kid Friendly

Marble Cookies


  Colourful, tasty and delightful, these marble cookies will definitely win the hearts of all children and many others. A quick snack time option. Super easy, homemade, one of the best marble cookies you would have ever eaten. Whenever I pass by a bakery, the aroma of the fresh butter […]