Healthy granola bars
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Healthy Granola Bars


  This super tasty, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, healthy granola bars using just 6 ingredients. These are a perfect snack to curb the mid-meal hunger. They are perfect to be given to kids (only if they do not have a nut allergy). I am sure you would love making […]

chicken vegetable fritters
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Healthy Chicken Vegetable Fritters

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  These healthy chicken cutlets are a powerhouse of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and thus make them very healthy for kids. Besides being healthy, they are packed with flavors and readily available ingredients. These are very versatile and can be adjusted as per liking. This is a 10 minute […]

Sweet potato fries
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Sweet Potato Fries


  Healthy, tasty, crispy, quick and easy to make these sweet potato fries will be one of your favorite. Season them well and they will pretty much disappear in no time. Fries find their way to all age groups. In my house, my kid who is 2 years old to […]