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Hi, I am Swati, the cook behind BakeGrillFryCook ?‍?. I am an engineer, a marketeer and now with newer qualifications, a mother ?, a blogger ?‍? and a photographer ?. I guess in our beautiful life span we all wear multiple hats. I was never a kitchen lover! When I got married, I was only good with making Instant noodles & sandwiches ?. My initial love for cooking started with practically knowing the nuances of it from my husband who’s a foodie and from my mother (always to the rescue) as we all do ?. I still remember, I would call my mother on my off days and annoy her by keeping her busy on a long video call until the entire recipe was done. Since due to my full time cooperate job and the extensive work travels, I hardly got time to cook anyways.

It all changed when I had my son. It is then, when I went full throttle on cooking things. I would still ask my mother on what to cook for him, but the fact was that I used to forget the recipe the next time I wanted to cook it. So I thought to myself – why not pen down all these yummy recipes and prepare a handbook ready forever ?. Slowly, I started to get a hang of it and thus I began to experiment with ingredients and so I started developing some of my own recipes. This is when BakeGrillFryCook was born, to help and share my cooking recipes and ideas to all.

There is a joke that me and my husband always share. I always tell him that for cooking, you were my Guru, but now over the years, the tables have turned and the Chela (student) has turned out to be the new Guru ? .. how about that ??

I always try and do easy, simple recipes for tasteful cooking. All recipes are tried by me at least 3 to 4 times before I share it on my BakeGrillFryCook Blog. I would love to hear from you guys about your kitchen adventures and please share if you have a recipe that you think I should try in my kitchen as gastronomy is a beautiful science and it’s always evolving.

I do believe that BakeGrillFryCook will turn out to be your one-stop shop to lookout for quick, healthy & tasty recipes. Hope you enjoy cooking them as much as I always do.

Bon Appetite! ?

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